Dynasty Start Up. 10 or 12 team SF PPR. $25 buy

Hey footballers
2 of my friends and I are starting a dynasty league. We’d love to have people willing to commit for min 2/3 years. We’re all guys in our mid 20’s looking for a good quality league. Hoping for a 12 team league but will take 10 teams if the interest isn’t there. Willing to league vote on roster size etc but right now it’s 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1SF DEF K with 16 bench spots. We’re all steelers fans from near Pittsburgh so any ravens fans may be asked to switch allegiances :grimacing:

Looks like we are going to go with 10 for those interested there are still 4 spots free!

I"m interested and a Steelers fan. Active in a couple leagues 5+ years.

I am interested! Been playing for 7+ years and have been looking for a dynasty league to join. Also a guy in my mid-20s. Would this be on sleeper or another platform?

Any spaces left? Would love to join

I am interested as well. I’m in my mid 20’s and have been playing 10+ years. In case it is on Sleeper, my name is: Ginga_Ninja

I’m interested @mashman4077

Im a fan of the best team in PA (Go Birds), but still interested in joining the league if you still have spots left. Username on sleeper is jirving. A guy in mid 20s if that matters lol

Hey. I would love to join. I was in a redraft for a few years and the league folded. I felt lost last year. Please let me know if there is still a spot