Dynasty start up 100 buy in leaning towards super flex

Originally wasn’t going to do super flex but if enough people are interested, will consider. need 6 more. below is teh orginal post when it wasn’t going to be super flex

12 teams ( unless I get more interest, Imay make it bigger). NOT super flex. ESPN ( I do espn because I am partially blind and it is hard for me to use sleeper or other platforms because of this. I run another 12 teem league and it works well the way we do it. We use groupme to communicate and google docs for draft and other such off season activities. Very active group. ALL trades are allowed unless clear collusion. I process the trades right away too ( I am doing dialysis right now, so with in a few hours anyway, I will process the trade).

league is ppr. 6 points for passing TD’s. roster is 30 players deep 1 qb, 2 rb, 3, wr 1 te 2 flex 1 def. 4 ir slots. no limits on how many of each player you can have. Also, you can trade draft picks 3 years out. Also you can trade multiple picks for one player and visa versa. In other words, you could have a year where you have more than 5 picks or less than 5 picks.

we keep 25 players and draft 5 ( trading aside).

If there is more interest than 12, roster size will be adjusted.

My biggest rule is no political talk or religious talk or anything like that. We all want to play and have fun and we all come from different places and so forth. I don’t want any tension in the league, so best to keep that talk out.

Payments done through league safe.

payout is 1st 50%

2nd 30%

3rd 20%

The first years draft we will use espn, standard. After that, we use groume and google docs and the draft will be linear. No clock. this allows for in draft trading as well as schedule differences. Took us a little less than a week to do the draft this year. We also do the draft AFTER everyone has paid and as close to NFL draft as possible.

if interested, please email me at chucktdogg@aol.com subject like dynasty.