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Dynasty Start Up 12 Team-Free (1 spot left)


Looking to start a 12 team dynasty league for free. New to dynasty so first year can be free and talk about entry fees in later years can happen. Looking for active owners who are interested. 0.5 PPR league with 25 roster spots and 2 IR. 1 QB, 2 WR’s, 2 RB’s, 1 TE, 2 Flex. Shoot me your email.




Super interested. Especially if wanna do buy in later.




Me and a friend are very interested we have been wanting to do a dynasty league for a couple years now we are both very active and look forward to a buy in in the future. Our emails are BalmerTyler@gmail.com and JesseHummel44@gmail.com thank you!


Looking for an active league to do my first dynasty league


Definitely interested in starting up a dynasty! Austinbell210@yahoo.com .






Bump this to the top


I’ll join if you got a spot open collinnolen@gmail.com


I’ll gladly join my email is rredmond22588@gmail.com



If you still have a spot!


I’d like to join if possible. Never tried dynasty before.


I’m down if there’s still a spot! whatsmywhat@hotmail.com


Cbrannick118@gmail.com Fantasy Vet looking to try Dynasty for the first time. If there’s a spot left I’m interested in joining


Any spots left I’m imterest. Email is ryz930@yahoo.com


ramel829@gmail.com im down if spots available