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Dynasty Start Up 2017


Hey guys-- looking at starting a .5 PPR Dynasty. What website do you use and how would you recommend I set the rosters at? Not an IDP league so just offense, a defense and a kicker.

appreciate your help!


Dynasty rosters should be about 2.5-3x the starting lineup


If you have any spots available for that league I’m looking to join one. Todd.egger@gmail.com


Hey David— I’m interested as well, if you have another


I do, send me an email: seacretoc@gmail.com



The league I’m in (10 team) scrapped the kicker position two years ago, we start two D/ST instead. Kickers are too unpredictable and are more dependent on situation than any other position. No one wants to lose because a MNF kicker bombs a couple long field goals. Starting a second defense limits the streaming options and makes people pay more attention to the position.

This works very well in 10 or 12 team leagues, but I imagine would be more difficult with 14 teams.

If you’re a commish, propose a vote to your league; if you’re a player, but a bug in your commish’s ear about this. I promise you, you do this for a year and will roll your eyes when your buddies ask for start/sit advice and you see kickers on their roster.