Dynasty start up draft question

I was offered this and I would love some opinions on it please.

Would you do my 1.07 and my rookie 1.06 for your 2.07 and 3.06 and rookie 2.07

so with this you would end up with the 1.06, 1.07, rookie 1.06 and rookie 1.07?

I think I would do that, looking at the adp…pull it up and see if you can put together a squad missing that third rounder. Having an extra in the first to grab two stud running backs like kamara and cook (current adp 1.06 and 1.07) and being able to still put together a receiving core would be ideal, i think. You’ll get two shots early in the draft on guys that should be studs, too.

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Trade 1.07 startup and 1.06 rookie for their 2.07 startup, 3.06 startup and rookie 2.07?

You’re getting about even value with the 1.07+1.06r for 2.07 and 3.06. The rookie 2.07 is just free value.

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Maybe I am just missing something but I would not do that. I think the 1.06 should still be a strong player from this rookie draft. I get moving back but IMHO you are in strong enough spots that the moving back while netting an additional pick, you are losing the higher end value.

Again, I could just not be reading this right, but I would pass on that. Though given the other two responses, I would be out voted 2-1 so take that into account!

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