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Dynasty Start-Up Draft Strategy


Got a dynasty start-up draft approaching fast, looking for some FootClan opinions on what to do with my 1.02.

Scoring is 0.5 PPR, but with 0.2 points per RUSH as well.

Do I go chalk and take whichever of OBJ/Evans doesn’t go 1.01, or does that 0.2 PP rush bring David Johnson/Zeke into play?

For context DJ had 415 points in this format last season, Zeke had 365, with top WRs Antonio Brown & Mike Evans putting up 263 and 256 respectively.

Thoughts are most welcome!


david johnson, le veon bell, or zeke. you dont touch anyone else but that in that kind of format. and if DJ falls to you, you take him a run. YOU TAKE HIM AND RUNNNNNNNN


Random thought…

You could pull a San Francisco and trade the 2nd Overall pick for a huge amount of value, moving back to the 1.04 spot. Looks like you’ve got 4 solid options you’re looking at (OBJ, Evans, DJ, Zeke) for your first pick, so why not see how much value you can get for the second pick?

If you end up at the 1.04 (maybe even the 1.05) after the trade, you’d still get one of your top guys and accrue some extra draft capital. Just need to find whichever of your league mates thinks they’re running the Chicago Bears.


Ended up with DJ at 1.02, happy with that.

Moving into the 5th and I’m set up as

Aaron Rodgers
David Johnson
Christian Mccaffrey
Demaryius Thomas

Debating whether to take Jordan Reed in 5th, continue to build my RB core (2 flex spots soncan start up to 4), or take a 2nd WR (realistic options would be Parker, Crabtree or Snead)


Im not touchin a te if im you. You have a decent start, but picking up rodgers set you in a hole of sorts. Build your depth, then get a te later that is servicable. Trust me you wont miss the top end talent at te if you build your core up. I would hit wr though. Your run game is strong cause of dj, but wr you are way weak right now.


Oh, and im looking at snead or crabtree. Consistency is what i want with my second wr.


Take Snead. They might have a similar season this year, but Snead is 5 years younger.


Cheers all. Email draft so should hopefully be on clock later tonight. Definitely leaning Snead


Just to echo what others have said. I’d be taking Snead in this scenario. Much younger and his upside this year it’s very appealing.


I think you have to go WR here.


Took Snead with that pick; will be interesting to see what’s on the board when my next picks come around.

Given the scoring format if there’s any stating RBs still up there, it’ll be tough to pass up. I think I’ll punt youth with the next few picks and get me some Fitzgerald/Lynch style value and go all in season 1


yeah i would hit RB now too. depending on who is left on the board. you do need a second RB. mccaffery is fine and all, but you really dont know what he will do at the pro level. you need someone you can know for sure, hey this guy will get so and so or at least around it. we have no idea what their game plan for him will be yet.


There’s value left all over the place. Traded back 6 spots in the 9th & 11th to move from the 6.11 to the 5.08, snagged Moncrief there. Well worth moving back in those later rounds.

Up again in 4 picks, notable names left:

RB - Lynch, Perkins, Powell, Lacy, Martin, Gilly, Blount, Abdullah, Montgomery

WR - Parker, Edelman, Fitz, Cobb, Maclin, Ross, Doctson


Do you have a quick turn coming up on this pick? If so I’d be tempted to grab Edelman and then see if Abdullah falls to me.


Traded 1 of the 2 at this turn as part of the above deal (Gave picks 71, 98 & 122. Received 56, 104, 128), so only 1 coming up.

3 picks til I’m up, all of the above still on the board. Leaning towards Marshawn if he’s there


Went Marshawn in the end and got Andullah a round later.

Really happy with depth so far, Jimmy Graham still there so if he’s still there in 8 picks I will snag him. TE is my only real weakness now, but who knows who will hit this year.


15 rounds out of 25 in the books and roster is as follows:

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton

RB - David Johnson, Christian McCaffrey, Marshawn Lynch, Ameer Abdullah, Marlon Mack

WR - Demaryius Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald, Willie Snead, Donte Moncrief, Randall Cobb, Robert Woods

TE - Jack Doyle, Coby Fleener

Pretty pleased, good overall balance I feel. It’s pretty gross what’s left on the board after 180 picks. It’s maximum upside/flyers from here on in.


How did you rank the players for dynasty ? Any general recommendations ? Never play dynasty before and just curious how bad the age affect in the ranks


I tend to not look too far ahead, 2-3 years really.

Unlike re-draft, I’m happy to take a QB early in dynasty, the worst dynasty leagues I’m in are the ones I have 2-3 crappy QBs.

Pass catching RBs were a premium in this league here