Dynasty Start Up Draft - What's the 1.01 worth?

Hey Footclan!
I’m in a Start Up Dynasty (12 Team, PPR) League and by dumb luck, drew the 1.01 pick.
I’m looking to trade down and get more picks , so my question is:

What is the Dynasty Start up 1.01 worth? What should I be asking for in a trade?


If it were me, I’d be looking to move up in the second, . For example swapping picks with someone in rounds 1/2

1.01 and 2.12 in exchange for:
1.05 and 2.07, then you’d have the 3.01 still. Make that player pay up for wanting the pick four spots up.

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The 1.01 is worth a ton.

My asking price would be:
Trade away - 1.01
Get in return - 1st round startup + 2nd round startup

I find it helps If you put names to it. Could be:
OBJ for
Mike Evans and Dalvin Cook

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Thanks! That helps

This is absurd. And no one with half a brain would be willing to pay this. 1.01 is not worth that much.

I would recommend asking for next year draft picks such as next year 1st depending on how far you are moving down.

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Agree to disagree. I’ve seen situations where people were willing to pay it. At the same time @dave_manley is looking to trade down, someone has to be willing to trade up. I chose my words specifically, as in what I ‘ask’ for - not necessarily what I get.

I do like he suggestion to gather future firsts (rookie draft) but I would heavily warn against trading a top 3 round startup pick for rookie draft picks. First three round startup players should make up the core of your team. They are usually proven producers. Hit rate for Rookie drafts are another story.

I’m with Mike — 1st and 2nd round startup picks is ridderk! I’d look to trade down in the 1st and maybe move up in the 2nd and 4th, and possibly again in the 8th.

First point, I’m all for trying to aim high, but at some point, if you go in with that as your expectation or just come out and say I want 1st/2nd for my 1.01, if you’re in any competitive league at all, it’s basically going to tell everyone you’re unreasonable to deal with and scare away any legitimate offers. If you just think about that trade, if someone is in the mid 1st, you’re asking them to give up someone in the range of Barkley/DJ/Bell/AB + Fournette/Gordon/cook/green/Cmac type combo for OBJ. If they’re in the late 1st, then you’re asking for 2 of like MT/Evans/Kamara/hunt/allen/adams/JJ. It’s just absurd. You’re better off starting off somewhere at least in the realm of reasonable so you can attract multiple suiters to actually negotiate.

Second point, maybe didn’t articulate properly. In no world am I suggesting you give you your 1.01 for future draft picks alone. I was saying you need to at least get back a 1st rounder + future 1st/2nd/3rd or however much they are willing to sell. Can even try to work in later round swaps by moving up in the 2nd if they are willing.

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Great points.

I did not think you meant trade for only future picks. I even think trading a top round startup for any deal including rookie picks is risky business unless it’s just the ‘cream on top’. Just my way of playing the game.

Can I ask, @MikeMeUpp, if you had the 1.01 who would you take? Is it OBJ?

If you are trading for him, or whomever your 1.01 is outside of the startup, what would you expect to pay?

PS. Always willing to admit that I’m wrong! Or see other’s viewpoints.

Oh okay sorry then thought you misunderstood me. I would never advocate for trading startup 1st rounder for any amount of futures. And I agree with you to a degree but for example, lets say hes only trading down to like 1.04-1.06, you’re still getting a top flight player and if you can acquire some 1st round picks and potential swaps in the 2nd-4th rounds in the process, that would be great.

And yes at 1.01, I’m taking OBJ every single time. In fact every time I’ve had the 1.01, I’ve taken OBJ if I didn’t get a lucrative enough offer.

I would expect to pay another top flight asset acquired in the 1st such as MT/Evans/Kamara/AB etc and then plus a juicer. Whether that is next years 1st round + or other players in lower tiers (think like potential 3rd/4th rounders). Although if it’s the latter, I would likely expect to get some future draft capital back too in some instances. But in no world would I be paying a combo of the players I outlined previously (i.e. Kamara + allen) for OBJ.

I have also moved out of the 1st before (albeiet a mid/late 1st) for a 2nd and a 3rd and next year 1st/2nd by giving up some swaps in the 4th/5th. But even when I got that deal, I thought the other guy paid a heavy heavy price. So if i could sell OBJ for anything along those lines, I’d probably do it.

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