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Dynasty start up for 2020

Is there anyone starting a new dynasty league for the upcoming year? Would love to join one!

Yes…I have one that is starting up. Here are the details, but if you need more information, let me know.

League is on MFL, signup cost is $100 + $20 for Empire. Expect to pay $240 at time of signup for first year and second year (because you can trade draft picks), if you decide to leave the league in a subsequent year, the new owner would then reimburse you.

Basics of League: 10 starters, 1 is a DST, no kicker, Superflex. Only five locked starters each week…meaning you MUST start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE and 1 DST. All others are up to you.
25 total roster spots. Taxi squad of 4 players.
Off season roster will be expanded to 35 at time of rookie draft. Cut down day will be after 3rd week of preseason games.

Full PPR, with exception of TEs who get 1.5.

DSTs get points for usual Pts Against, Sacks, Ints/FRs, Defensive TDs, but also FFs, QB Hits.

QB/RB/WR/TE get points for Passing, Rushing, and Receiving Yds, TDs, 2 pters, and receptions. (Note: QBs get 1 point for every 20 yds rushing, whereas other positions get 1 for every 10.)

Two drafts will occur: Startup slow draft will start as soon as all owners have logged in/submitted buy-in. Rookie/FA draft will take place after NFL Draft.

FA/Waiver has 200 FAAB, you can only acquire players off of waivers by making a bid, but $0 bids are possible. Waivers run everyday.


If people want in to my league, contact me at sramseycn@gmail.com

I have a spot open in my league. Below are the rules, let me know if interested.

General Rules

  • Amount of Teams - 12
  • Entry Fee - $300
  • Teams must pay $100 of second year’s entry upfront (due before season)
  • Payouts - 1st ($1800), 2nd ($960), 3rd ($350)
  • Weekly High Score - $20 (totaling $260)
  • Most points scored during the regular season - $60 (totaling $60)
  • 1st and 2nd seeds receive $20 (totaling $40)
  • All playoff winners receive $20 (excluding championship) - totaling $80
  • Playoffs (Weeks 14-16) - 6 teams (1st and 2nd seeds receive byes)
  • Tiebreaker is points scored.
  • Any potential rule changes must pass a vote of 75%.


  • Starting Lineup Positions: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 2 IR, 16 Bench, 6 Taxi Squad
  • Taxi Squad: Teams can have a maximum of 6 taxi squad players. Players may remain on taxi squad for 2 seasons. If a player is called up from the taxi squad to active roster, they are not able to be sent back down. Players with 2 or fewer years of NFL experience are taxi squad eligible. Players entering their 3rd year of eligibility must be activated to roster or dropped.


  • Year One: 28 round snake draft, including rookies. Draft will begin Sunday April 26th, 2019
  • Year Two and Beyond: 4 round rookie/free agent draft. The draft order will be determined based on the reverse order of standings. This will NOT be a snake draft (1.01 pick will pick 2.01 and 3.01)
  • Year One draft order determined by March Madness standings. First place receives choice of pick, second place receives second choice of pick, etc.
  • Rookie draft order: 4 non playoff teams enter draft lottery. Tiebreaker is points against.
    • 10th place - 40% odds of 1st overall
    • 9th place - 30% odds
    • 8th place - 20% odds
    • 7th place - 10% odds


  • Lineup changes: Lock at scheduled game-time
  • No transaction limit
  • Waiver system: Free Agent Auction Budget (runs on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Teams will start with a $100 budget. $0 bids are allowed. Teams receive a $100 budget in the offseason and resets back to $100 when the regular season starts.
  • FAAB Tiebreaker: resets each week to inverse order of standings
  • Trade deadline: Saturday night of Week 11
  • Trading will open back up after Week 16
  • All teams must field an active lineup each week
    • If you do not field an active lineup, you are automatically placed into the worst pick of all non-playoff teams
  • Draft picks are allowed to be traded (Up to 3 years in advance)
    • For example, teams may trade 2021, 2022, and 2023 picks during the 2020 season.


  • ESPN Standard Scoring (4 point per passing TD)
  • 0.5 PPR
  • 0.1 per rushing/receiving yard


  • All trades are FINAL unless collusion is suspected. There will be no vetoes. If a trade is deemed collusion, both teams are suspect to being removed from the league.