Dynasty Start Up for the upcoming season

Hey guys,

I’ve been a commissioner for the past several years through ESPN in redraft leagues and really wanted to start up a dynasty or at least be a part of one (so if someone needs just one person then let me know).

I will probably use Sleeperbot or Flea Flicker depending on the votes of the members.

There will be a buy in for $20.

I’m looking into an app like LeagueSafe as a way to secure, protect, and disperse all funds. I don’t expect anyone to trust me with your money without knowing me.

Leave me your email and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks, Cody

I’m very interested. My vote would be Flea Flicker, but I’d play on either.


I’m down, would 2nd Fleaflicker, and suggest slack as a way to handle league communications (there are other comparable options, but Slack is my preference and I think something like that is vital).

I am interested as well. I hear the guys and footclan members backing Flea Flicker quite often so that would be preferred. The buy-in is good with me, would just need to get an idea for the scoring system and team layouts.


I’m interested. My email is bradley.aj4@gmail.com

Exactly what I’m looking for. Breck_c@hotmail.com

Interested! Zgrady@hotmail.com


Everyone who has replied in the thread so far I’ve sent an email. Please reply to it letting me know whether or not you’re in.

Thanks, Cody

Any spots still open in this league?

im interested, DM me or email me at nickdorsey5@yahoo.com

Yep. Shoot me your email.

Im interested depending on format. I prefer superflex and no kicker or dst in dynasty.


Very interested if there is a spot available. Email is coreystollar@gmail.com

Interested in joining a startup.

I’m interested. Cdidick13@gmail.com. What are the details of the league?

I’m interested aperez1086@msn.com

League is full. Sorry guys.