Dynasty start up help! 2nd round

I’ve drafted tyreek first round and now have a choice of Julio, godwin, juju, josh Jacobs or Melvin Gordon??

Depends on format and all, but Godwin would be excellent for the long haul or Josh Jacobs if you feel you have to have a RB. I would rather go youth in WR for dynasty, but could not fault the Jacobs pick if you went that way.

JuJu is interesting, but I feel we have seen more from Godwin throughout the years. Plus, Evans will be there for some time and he (Godwin) does not have to be their WR1 definitively. When he has had to, it went well. But Evans helps secure Godwin, and visa-versa.

Just my two cents.

I agree with everything @octoberland said and my personal preference would be Jacobs but frankly, I think Godwin is the better pick for dynasty. I like having a good, young RB but Godwin is in about as prime a spot as you can ask for with Ariens as the coach; he has a system that he runs, end of sentence. And that system heavily involves a slot receiver and an outside guy, of which Tampa has arguably the best in the league.

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