Dynasty Start Up & I’ve got the 4 and 7 Picks (10 Team .5PPR)

Am I overthinking things and should just grab one of the big 4 plus whoever at 7 is best or do I take a trade of my 7 and 24 for their 10 and 17.

i would stick with the 7 for sure. I’m not sure on the ADP in start ups but if you could get a barkley or odel and also have another stud, you would be in a good spot these next couple of seasons.

If you have the 4th overall pick, I would absolutely trade the 7th for the 10th and 17th in return.

As an example…I would take Zeke, Thomas and Adams over Zeke and Bell.

Dynasty ADP for July from DLF.

I do love the potential RB stack at 4 and 7 and then grabbing a WR at pick 24.

I’m probably just overthinking the value of going 4, 10 and 17 as opposed to 4, 7 and 24.