Dynasty Start-Up - League Settings?

I’m starting a dynasty league on Sleeper and have a few questions for people with dynasty experience. It will likely be a 10-12 man league with the guys from my yearly re-draft league but not many have played dynasty so I want to make sure I have great settings and minimal hiccups.

What are your ideal roster settings? How many bench slots? (Curious how that works with rookies coming in next year)

Do you use a taxi squad? (Give reasoning)

When do you have your draft for a start-up?

Thanks in advance guys!

A lot of this is personal preference.

The start-up can begin anytime you’d like. I recommend a joint vet and rookie startup draft thats snake, then rookies revert to linear every year after. My start-ups have been slow drafts with 4-8 hours for each pick. If thats the case for your league you will likely want to start soon-ish to ensure you finish with plenty of time.

Most dynasty leagues have like 15-25 bench slots in addition to the starting roster. I prefer a slightly shallower bench, on that spectrum, personally. Each platform is going to work differently. I prefer sleeper. On sleeper you can add additional “taxi squad” slots that can be used to stash rookies. Following any draft, if you have more players on your roster than the league settings allow you will be forced to drop players, or move them to IR/taxi until you have a legal roster. No Free agent moves or lineup changes can be finalized until your roster has a legal number of players.

I love the taxi squad, but this is my first year being able to utilize it. The settings for what those slots allow is also somewhat flexible.

My preference for a starting roster in a 12 team league is 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 3Flex and 1Superflex. The general rule is roster total should be 2/2.5 times the starting lineup. With a starting lineup of 10 players I would make each franchise roster max 25

My preference is to expand the roster each year, just prior to the Rookie draft, by the number of rounds. Therefore if each player received 4 picks at the start of the year. Expand from 25 to 29. I then set a cute date which occurs during preseason.

No. In my opinion, Taxi squads should only be used in a Devy league where you have college and even highschool players that cannot be started throughout a regular season. Implementing a Taxi squad forces franchises to lean towards a rookie strategy. My fundamental idea is that each franchise can choose how to operate their team. Creating a spot that which can only hold a rookie provides an advantage to some which use a rookie methodology to build a team and creates a disadvantage to those who do not. Where as a ‘regular’ roster spot gives all team building methodologies an even playing field.

To be brief, anytime. There are pros and cons no matter when it’s concluded. You could draft now and a player has an ACL injury next week. Or you could wait until week 2, gather as much knowledge about teams and the NFL starting lineups and a player has an ACL injury.

The major difference between when to draft in dynasty vs redraft, is that in dynasty you keep the players indefinitely. A player out for the season is not worth 0 as they would be in redraft. They just can’t be used this season. OBJ when injured still hold almost full value.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond!

I have the same feeling about the taxi squad so I’m leaning towards not including it. Just open the roster up a bit more and people can hold players at they choose.

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Taxi - IMHO, I would say having Taxi slots helps out people. If someone is good at rookies or not, they will have better rookies than other teams regardless. Those Taxi slots allow people to potentially be wrong without having to cut players from their active roster. I personally do not see a downside to them, especially if they are locked once the season starts. At that point you only pull a player off the Taxi as opposed to adding them in-season. Also only allow Taxi for rookies. Whether they play or not, after their first year they are no longer Taxi legal. But Taxi slots are definitely not necessary and these are only my thoughts. Not right or wrong :slight_smile:

One thing not addressed here is how to draft. IMHO, auction is the way to go. As a start up league, and especially dynasty where you intend on holding people indefinitely, I like the idea of everyone having a chance at any player. They might not win the bid, but they at least have the shot. This allows much more flexibility for roster building. Further, with a start-up there are no previous winners/losers. Giving someone a 1st choice in a forever league can be a huge leg-up due to simple randomness. Letting everyone have a chance to bid gives everyone a shot at any player effectively levels the field. Same for the rookies, or just roll them all into one massive draft which is fine at this point since the NFL draft has happened.

Auction will take more time, no doubt, and I have found ESPN a great platform to host an auction, most importantly it is free. Transferring over rosters takes a bit of time, but not really hard to do. But ESPN was super smooth and easy. You definitely do not need to do this, but I think it makes for a more fun and interesting start to the league.

All of this is only my thought, but hopefully it helps!

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The take away for me is not to avoid a league with taxi squads. They’re fine. And you’re right, they help people… that play with a rookie focus.

I would just much rather a league have 10 starters and 20 bench positions than a league with 10 starters, 16 bench positions and a 4 person taxi squad. If you are the type of manager to trade a away draft picks or not be rookie focused, you essentially have 4 less player positions to work with.

My preferred settings are to create a league with enough bench spots that any team can choose to draft rookies and sit on them or use the positions in any way they see fit.

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