Dynasty Start-up RB Rank

Sitting at the #9 spot of a Dynasty Start-up. Want to go RB in the first round and am sitting with 4 options. My gut wants to go Miles Sanders but wanted to consult the clan. Rank the below for dynasty .5 point PPR:

Josh Jacobs
Joe Mixon
Miles Sanders
Nick Chubb

Any help would be appreciated.

PPR i’d rank them:

But for dynasty purposes? I feel much more confident saying:

Jacobs didn’t get much if any receiving work in his rookie year, but cracked 1100 yards. Not sure if it was Gruden or the GM but one of them mentioned getting Jacobs some more receiving work, and if he adds that to his game i think he’s either the top option or just behind Chubb. I gave Chubb the 1 spot solely because he’s established himself in both passing and running downs. Sanders hasn’t really established himself as the main guy and is going into his third year, and Philly’s run game hasn’t been all that special in these recent years.

*Edit: I would actually switch Jacobs and Chubb, giving Jacobs the 1 spot in dynasty. I had forgotten about Kareem Hunt stealing a lot of the passing work.

I’d rank them:
Miles Sanders, Joe Mixon, Josh Jacobs, Nick Chubb

serious question, why is everyone all of a sudden ranking sanders so high? he hasn’t done much to deserve the hype, and has boston scot sitting behind him

I don’t think Miles Sanders hype is new. It might have been quieted due to the incoming rookies. Here is a piece from Dec 2019:

There has been a lot on analysis on the Eagles and Coach Peterson which may have made assumption about bring players in or split work loads. Those have kept his ADP almost in a stasis. Waiting for something to happen.

Boston Scott is a role player. A JAG. Drafted in the 6th round. He did not break out til his 5th year in college. He has spent most of his NFL career so far on the practice squad. Not a guy to be afraid of when evaluating Miles Sanders.