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Dynasty start up RB


Joe Mixon, D Freeman or J Howard half point ppr dynast start up. 2nd pick to pair with D Hop, who do you pick and why?


It would definitely be between Mixon and Freeman for me and I’d probably lean Freeman but it’s really close. Better QB and O line, more proven. It was a down year last season but he missed 3 games. If he hadn’t there’s a good chance he would have been over 1000 and had double digit TDs like he did in 15 and 16.


I have this exact decision right now haha


The optimist in me says go for Mixon, as he’s so young and looks like he’ll get the workload for a long time with the Bengals… but with Geo there taking passing down work away this year for sure and with Lewis at the helm i just don’t trust him, certainly not as my RB1. So for me it’s between Howard and Freeman, of which i would go Freeman as i think he’ll be more consistent this year week to week than Howard will and has in my opinion and as @Gwill250 says a good shot at a higher finish than Howard, he wasn’t that far behind last year after all.

There’s a good debate going on in this thread which might be of help with a view of taking another WR here, it would be interesting to see who is on the board here? Dynasty start-up what’s the argument for ZEKE and hate for OBJ
As the three guys you’ve listed are not tier 1 RBs and Freeman is 26 you might find better value overall in getting another WR to pair with Hop for years to come and lock down that position and then focus on RBs after? Though I prefer to get a RB/WR mix in my first 3/4 picks i might experiment with this in my redraft league this year and see what happens