Dynasty start up request from european player :)

Hey footclan. :slight_smile: I am Thomas, living in Norway (europe) looking for a dynasty start-up. I have played fantasy for many years, but new to dynasty tho’. I am a serious player, and dynasty really intregiues me. Due to timezone issues, i would prefer a slowdraft league, but for sure i can be willing to comprimise. Don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Thomas

I’m part of a start-up dynasty league (there’s a couple of us from the UK and it’s a slow draft)

There are spots available if you’re interested. My sleeper ID is TheConsultant - ping me and I’ll share the link so you can check it out

Yes, I am very interested, downloaded the app now, but can’t find you on there. My username is Nidaros81 if you can look me up please. New to the app, sorry :wink:

did find you, and added :wink:

did send you a message on sleeper as well :wink: Thx for contacting me btw. :slight_smile: