Dynasty Start Up - Roster Construction

Hi All,

Part of a dynasty start up this year, slow draft is going at the moment and i need some words of wisdom!
League is 12 team, 0.5 PPR, [ Roster - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLX(WR/RB)+K ]

Going through round 5 now, my team reads Zeke, K.Allen, Baldwin, Guice, Ertz. I have the 4th overall so i’m next up at 6.09 and quick turn to 7.04. Looks like a run on WR’s is coming due to other players teams so far, i’, really high on DJ Moore this year and if he falls to me at 6.09 do i take him or should i take someone like Royce Freeman or Donata Foreman if he’s there (i’m not 100% on Guice), both the RB’s intrigue me in dynasty.

Part 2 when is the best time to take a QB, on two gone so far (Rodgers and Watson) should i grab one at the 7.04 or consider grabbing one of the above guys if they are still there?

Keen to hear your views!

I’m all about waiting on QBs, especially in dynasty. 1-3 years ago, Goff, Keenum, Dak, Wentz, Mahomes, Tyrod, and many others weren’t on anyone’s radar. New QBs that come into the right situation are start-able for years; yet, somehow, there are new ones to choose from every year.

As for your pick, if DJ More is your guy and you definitely want him, take him now and ensure you get the guy you believe in. Otherwise, who else, other than rookies/Foreman is available? Just curious because people forget about vets very often.

In dynasty, talent still comes above age. If two guys are in the same tier, use age as the tie breaker; otherwise, go with the best player.

Totally agree with your view, Watson went at the back of the second in this draft which was absurd in my view given what was available - Green, Baldwin, Gronk, Howard to name a few… anyway.

I can just see him becoming a Golden Tate style of player for Cam, which should keep him viable as a WR2/Flex at least in half PPR. RB vets you’re looking at Ingram, CJ Anderson, Dion Lewis, Chris Thomson as the main players also have Latavius there but he’ll drop I’m sure. Would give Anderson a look to be fair, i like his situation in Carolina now.

WR guys there are a lot left, all the main rookies are there, DJ, Ridley, Sutton, Kirk, Gallup but also everyone has left Larry Fitz, Randell Cobb, Crowder and Hurns so there is a lot of choice. As I’ve got the short turn around i can get two decent pieces from this group sure up the RB/WR positions and then look at QB’s and gamble picks later

I think your thoughts on this are spot on. I would take my favorite rookie WR here, then target Fitz, Lewis, Royce Freeman, CJ Anderson, and the remaining rookie WRs (in that order) for your 7.04. Although you’re thin at RB, your starters are good, you can get depth later.

I assume all other rookie RBs, other than Freeman are gone? If not, I put most other rookie RBs ahead of him.

I think if you target Fitz then it makes sense to draft Kirk…Kirk may not have the initial production as some of the rookies but its will be a perfect transition when fitz retires

Okay sounds like a good approach to me, still on course here but i’ll go best available if DJ isn’t there only a couple of picks until its back at me. Yes i was thinking that, soild starters and didn’t want to reach too far for RB depth with so much WR talent on the board.

Yes all gone aside from Freeman and Ballage from MIA but he’s a dart throw and the more i look at Freeman vs whats on the board or BPA he would be a big reach for me here, as i can almost double up on the turn.

thanks for the advice man!

Yes if could do both i’d look at DJ and Kirk back to back. I also like Ridley as he looks to be the 2 in ATL and Julio does miss snaps every week to manage his body so could be a producer now. Kirk as you say will be a solid stash, when Fitz goes and if Rosen clicks he’ll be a corner stone for me for years

Im actually highest on ridley bc of Julio and Sanu is a FA after this season I believe

I think he’s under contract until 2020 but they can save nearly $6.5m net if they let him go next year. There have been rumblings of resigning Coleman too so that would help towards that though i think he leaves as well. Either way its a good chunk of cap to clear especially if Ridley performs. I’ll try and get two of the three either way and see what happens from there