Dynasty Start Up Roster size - Kickers and DST?

Ive set up a 10 man PPR Dynasty league as:
QB, RBx2, WR x2, TE, FLEX (W/R/T) x3, K, Bench x 15 (Total 25)

Does this sound like a good amount for a start up or should I have more bench / alt Positions? (Vet and Rookie will be in the same draft)

Any suggestions?


I think the roster sizes are fine. The general rule I have heard is that your starting lineup should make up 20-30% of your total roster.

It also comes down to how you want your league to run. If you want more options on the waiver wire, make the benches smaller. If you want to potentially drive more trades, make the rosters larger. The theory behind the larger rosters driving trades is that there are not valuable players on waivers, so league members rely on trades to try to fill holes.

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