Dynasty Start Up Trade Picks

Superflex .5 PPR 24 Round Dynasty Start Up Draft:

What are your thoughts on this trade: Round 1,2,21,22,23,24 round picks for 3,4,5,6,7,8

Draft order is yet to be determined.

Was offered this trade and it is so crazy I am not sure what to think of it

I’d jump on. There’s a lot of value in round 3-8. So while your maybe missing some top tier players, you’re still getting a very good deep roster with alot of top players still

I dunno, I don’t play a lot of dynasty, but this seems a little more serious in a dynasty start-up draft than it would in a regular redraft.

Giving another guy four picks from the young studs of the league who will anchor his team for the next 5-8 years while you get ZERO of those guys is a pretty big advantage, and one I’m not sure you want to try to make up using the older and more marginal players that you’d pick in those mid-rounds. Obviously a lot depends on your ability to find gems while mining those middle rounds, but I think it at least puts you behind the 8-ball a little in building a lasting powerhouse.

I am leaning towards it but so hard to give up first two rounds in a superflex start up where 10 QBs will be chosen. but I would be super deep but maybe not as much star potential. Appreciate the feedback!

With it being a dynasty superflex, almost 10/20 picks are QB’s. So I would be putting myself behind the 8 ball with QB’s but could still get 2 guys like DK, Kittle, Gibson, Cedee in the 3rd, 2 guys like Mixon, Ekeler, Ridley, in the fourth, and so on

Well, I didn’t see it was a Superflex.

That does change things a little, in that a lot of other players will probly be focusing on QBs in the first two rounds, so the well of studs at the important positions (RB and WR) may not dry up as quickly and leave you with more talent in those mid-rounds where you’re picking up all the picks–and in a 2 QB league you can compete just as keenly with Cousins and Ryan as you can with Mahomes and Darnold.

So yeah, being a Superflex league, I can certainly understand the appeal of this trade a little more.

I think I am leaning towards taking it. I appreciate the insight from yall!