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Dynasty start up trade


I have been offered antonio Brown and the 1.10 for zeke. Would you do this trade? We are still in the first round so I don’t have any other players yet.


Depends on you personally. Look at AB window with big Ben and what you can get with that 1.10. I had Green fall to me 1.12. But zeke is going to be a stud for 4 to 6 years but dallas does give a workload to their RBs. Really look whats on the board at that 1.10 spot. You can always get the Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard and Jay Ajayi in those second rounds (dont sleep on Slippery Fish or Murry. They can win now for you! And next years RB class is stack as well). But its up to you in the end


In short. I might depending at the talent at 1.10 and what my 2nd round pick is.


My apologies it’s the 1.10 rookie pick. For the 2017 draft class. Thank you for the information and reply


Oh shoot man! I thought it was all in one. My bad. Umm you could get another solid RB at 1.10 but nothing like I was thinking. Im sorry. Well your welcome and hope you make the decision best for you!


I would do it if you have solid RB options, and already have some top WR’s. With Brown you could compete for a title.

If you’re a tweener team, or building for the future, I would not.