Dynasty Start Up TrueNorth33

Looking to start up a new dynasty league. Just quickly this is my first time in dynasty but looking forward to it.

Must be very active and willing to be avail in the offseason for potential trades or votes.

I’ve got it set up as a dynasty half point ppr 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 2 flex 1 super flex 1 def 20bench 1 ir. But willing to change to suit.

Let me know if your interested and I’d be happy to get this going! Msg with questions or if you want in thanks footclan!

Hey - I would be interested in joining a dynasty league and have a few suggestions (not that any are right but they are my personal preferences so best to throw them out before the league opens!).

  • I prefer a superflex position to make QBs relevant.

  • Dump the kicker.

  • I would make the bench 15-20 to increase the depth and allow for multiple QBs, etc.

  • I have super limited experience with the Sleeper app but have done a slow draft with draft pick trades and recommend that platform.

  • 0.5ppr is the best, dont change that!

Hey! I like the suggestions specially the bench spots. Never done super flex before will have to read up on that but your more then welcome to join if you like send me your email.

The sleeper app is awesome this was my first season on it and I really liked the layout of it.

Very interested in joining if need another owner

Depending on the site you have it on and the buy in I might be interested

If you do it on sleeper im in

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I’m interested

I’m looking to join in a dynasty league. I too will be a first time owner in this format. You may have heard from others, but the bench seems too deep - sets up a QB hoarding situation. If you have a spot left I’ll be an active member that does all they can through waiver and trade to dominate.

i love that kickers have been removed :rofl:

I’m in if there’s any spots left!

Myself and two others would love to join the league if there is still room for three. We love fantasy and this would be our first dynasty league. Email me if you have the room.

I’m interested in joining. Hoping there is a buy in? Not interested if free. Fairly new to dynasty. I also like the idea of Superflex. Let me know

I’m in!! Josh@dutchtilt.com

I am interested. Is there any room for me and possibly a loyal buddy or two in my league who are extremely active? Email: beschaaron@yahoo.com