Dynasty Start-up VBD vs. Filling Starter

I’m in a dynasty startup slow draft and have been drafting best values thus far, not paying much attention to roster construction, but I’m wondering if/when I need to pivot off of that and make some “reach” picks. We’re starting 1Q/2RB/2WR/1TE/2FX/1DST

My big concern is RB. We’re 5 rds in (out of 25) and so far my only RB is Michel, who I’m not very high on. At this point, the best RBs left (in terms of immediate impact) are guys like Drake, Penny, L. Miller, and Mark Ingram. Then it’s a quick drop off to 3rd down backs and late round 19’ draft picks.

Do I keep drafting values (even if it’s WR2/3s like T. Boyd, C. Davis, Sutton, N. Harry, etc.) or should I fill the obvious need on my roster before things get even slimmer?

I’m def taking Boyd, Davis, Harry and Penny over Ingram and Miller.

Personally, inthink you need to cash in on Drake, especially given that Michel is your only running back. Especially if this is .5 or full PPR. People are sleeping on Drake, you should not. I am high on Drake though so, if that doesnt work for you, find 2 RB values for the next two years that you think you can nab later and pick best available, then try to sell your values that you pick up for a better RB.
I am assuming you dont have an rookie draft separate given that Harry is a choice here. Otherwise I might even try to trade back a round or two while the players are still good to pick up a top 3 pick in the rookie draft.

Negative on the Rookie draft, they’re in the full pool of players. I like Drake a lot, but I have several of those receivers ahead of him in rankings.

It’s tough because I’m smack in the middle of a 12 team snake. Based on ADP, Drake should be there in 2 rounds, but RBs have been flying off several rounds earlier than their ADP with this group. That has also been contributing to the wide disparity in what RBs are on the board when my pick comes up relative to the other positions.

I always draft BPA in dynasty leagues. And typically draft very few RBs. I’ve gone drafts where I don’t take a single RB until the 7th round plus. I fill my roster with 1-2 year rental guys who produce and rely on rookie drafts to pick up new RBs.

If you go rb go young rb. Ingram probably has 1 year left. Also consider getting late round young rb handcuffs.