Dynasty Start Up vs Rookie Pick Value

New to Dynasty and trying to gauge value of future rookie picks (2019 & 2020) compared to upcoming start up draft picks. I really want to try to add additional picks in the start up draft, preferably in the first 5 rounds… am I crazy to trade away a bunch of rookie picks to make it happen and what would I have to offer up to add start up picks in the first 5 rounds?


I’m assuming that your startup draft is vets and 2018 rookies?

I’ve seen the equating of a future first (2019) to a 3-4 round startup. First round picks that are farther out would be worth less than that. I’m a huge fan of trading into the startup with rookie picks. That said, the 2019 WR cohort is expected to elite.

Another strategy is to trade back within the startup. There are several ways to do this but my rules are to keep at least 3 picks in the first three rounds and trade 4-5 round picks to get multiple picks in the 6-8 rounds. The players in the first three rounds are cornerstones. They should make up your core. There is tons of depth in rounds 6-8. If you can get 3 picks in each of those rounds that should set you up nicely.

High start-up are definitely more valuable. @fun4willis gives good advice above. I also like trading back from my first pick, if it’s in the second half of the round. I’ve gotten something like a a late 2nd, 3rd, and 5th for the 10th pick multiple times, and I would definitely do that again. There are WRs available in the 2nd half of the 1st that I think are every bit as valuable as the ones at the end of the 1st.

Additionally, once you have those extra early picks, you can use package some of your later picks to move up into those first few rounds again (maybe a late 7th and a 9th to move back into the 5th). Using this strategy, I’ve gotten as many as 8 picks in the top 50 players, without giving up a ton at the top end or rookie picks.

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