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Dynasty Start Up: Ware or Gillislee?


Full PPR. At the same draft price, who are you taking?


Gilli- I’m a bills fan and after watching him develop over the last two years I think he’s a more talented player on a more talented team. He’s the best all around back in NE - 3+ years of top 24 results. I can’t say that for KC that’s about to go through a rebuilding phase.


I’m leaning that way too. NE RBs scare me o general, but the talent is real.


I also love Ware’s talent, but I don’t trust KC/Reid at all. I’d love Ware if he were on a team I trusted to actually use it’s best players.


This is tough. On one side, I think you can probably be confident in Ware getting a good amount of usage this year, but Gill has the higher ceiling/lower floor.

I’d take Gill just because it’s dynasty and he’s probably got the more upside long term.


I honestly think both of them have huge ceilings and low floors. I actually think gillislee’s floor is higher, so that made my decision. Thanks for the input!


its not tough at all for me. gilli. ware is going to be replaced because he is not a good player. and NE paid good money for gilli, so that he can protect their golden boy by running as much as possible. there is zero chance i will have ware on any onf my teams this year. gilli on the other hand, is already on 2. mostly because his draft capital was still super low when i drafted.


Buster, I’d strongly, strongly reconsider your stance on Ware. He is absolutely a good player. His receiving ability, speed, and elusiveness are uncommon for a back his size. The issue is the coaching staff. Reid has a maddening history of not using his workhorse backs as much as he should (McCoy, Charles). Of course, that could still be an issue, but I drafting talent is rarely a bad thing, especially at the price range he’s going at. I decided to take Gilly too, but if Ware is there in the next round, he’s mine.


opportunity over talent, every single time. im a chiefs fan, i know very well how he will be used. and thats not at all. he is not worth anything in fantasy, because he will not do anything. hunt will take over, and ware will end up being a very expensive second stinger on your bench. he is not that fast or elusive. he has good hands, but his play making ability really is not that good. hunt has all the tools and andy will use that.


I guess we can agree to disagree :slight_smile: