Dynasty start up, yes or no to Team Defenses

So I am starting a 10 team Dynasty league this year. I have a member who is arguing for running team defenses in it. I am staunchly against it. What is everyone’s thoughts?

If you are the commissioner and this league is just starting its an easy call. No.

If he is the only one wanting it and it was not in the plan to begin with then stick your ground. He can play as is or bail.

On the flip side, if other owners agree then you could put it to a vote and accept the outcome.

On the basis of yes or no, for dynasty, I say no. Just because defenses can flex so much from season to season you would be hard pressed to actually be able to decide which ones are worth keeping long term.

For redraft/keeper I like defenses as streamers because of the added benefit to scoring and bonus potential that you can have with special teams.

Hope this helps!


Dynasty defense is blah…to much change over and very little movement , no age change/no injury changeover/ very little chance of future predictions…just end up rolling out same defense you draft and giving no thought to it. Mabye you trade for a defense but honestly you spend little time caring or worrying about the position… so unless it’s IDP or you league like stale positions I would say leave it out

Playing dynasty with defenses is awful. Don’t do it. If you want defenses in dynasty, go play IDP.