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Dynasty Start Up


Hey guys,

Looking forward to joining the forums and becoming an active member. Forgive me if I missed it, but I am looking for some opinions. I am looking to start a Dynasty league with friends. What do you think is the best (Free) site to host a dynasty league that we can use and view year round? Sometimes if I wake up on February 27th and want to make a trade, thats the kind of league I want. Thanks for all the help.


I just use ESPN and either track off season trades on the LM league note or on a separate Microsoft document and it works perfectly for our league. We have on avg 18-25 off season trades including board bets. ( kinda like water bets except we gamble draft picks)


Can you access espn during the off season though? Like could two members in my league just go and make a trade, or is the leagued closed?


Yeah it is closed unfortunately. If i was on my phone i would show you how we do but i can not upload pictures from here.

Another thing i do is use draft wizard to keep all current draft picks uploaded into the “my leagues” section and post that to our group. so someone knows exactly what picks they have all off season, and whatever trades happen until the new season opens up i will manually write down.

I dont think thats a perfect answer but its how my league does it… seems to work fairly well


Yeah i don’t mind doing that as well, but I was looking for an easier solution. Thanks for your help bud.


I use a google doc spreadsheet to track off-season moves and trades. That way everyone can access it during the offseason, then we use Mazey for league communication, it is great to keep conversations separate but still easy to track.


We use gogle docs spreadsheet to keep track of our rosters and trade acticity including rookie draft. Then we use Facebook messenger for communication


I use MFL. It is great, but you do have to pay for it. I started out with Yahoo but they just aren’t ready for Dynasty yet. You could also check out fleaflicker. I believe that site is free but it does not have everything that MFL has to offer. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and understand that you “get what you pay for.”


I like using ESPN for our keeper league so I’m sure it’d be great for a Dynasty… except it’s closed off season.

I edited the footballers fantasy document to help keep track of draft/trades and it works out beautifully. Let me know if you would like me to edit it to fit your League. I’d gladly do so.

And I agree with the MFL comment, it costs money, but if you split the 70$ across 10-16 people it’s not bad at all. And it’s perfect for dynasty.


What document? I’ve never seen it?


I’m not 100% sure where it is on the new forums yet but I’ll find the link today. And if you like it I can adjust it for you


MFL man… if you have a 12 man league it’s like 6 or 7 dollars a person it’s well worth it for what it offers you.


The doc is in the footclan section under league resources.


Thanks for the replay man! Appreciate it!


I just started a dynasty last year in yahoo. So far, so good. You could activate your league early and get things moving. A lot of my friends really don’t get started til July but we like it.


We use espn but just use a spreadsheet doc to keep track of everything in the offseason and use messenger to communicate and once espn opens up well update our rosters