Dynasty Start-Up

Dynasty virgin here! After discovering the Fantasy Footballers this past season, I’m convinced and committed to giving dynasty a try. Looking for 9 other players that want to commit long-term. Preferably I’d like those that join to be first-timers as well so we can figure it out together, but open for all. Free this year and if everyone likes the dynasty format and are in it for the long haul then maybe we can all agree on a buy in price for future years.

League is .5 PPR with 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, D/ST, K, 16 Bench and 2 IR slots.

Drop your emails if you want in!


I’m in the same position and would love to be part of a new league

Sweet! Invite sent

Same boat as you guys, would love to get into a dynasty league. Long time redraft player but new to this.


Right on! I’ll send you an invite

Whitetailhunter2010@yahoo.com. First timer as well. Let’s do it!

Awesome man! I’ll send the invite

Definitely interested, also a first timer. Send me a invite if there is any spots open. Davegoud@gmail.com

I’m also a newbie to Dynasty I would be keen to join!


Invitation sent

Ccan you send again please used the wrong email.



I’m interested if it’s free to play! email at mray0416@gmail.com

I’ll send the invite now

Do we want to start up a slack channel?

What date/time be for the first draft?

We can start a slack channel, group text or Facebook group. Whatever you guys want to do

The nfl draft is April 26-28 so we will do the draft after that’s over. Once we get our group chat together we can figure out what date will work best for everyone

Do you guys have any spots open? I’d love to join a dynasy league


Invitation has been sent

+1 Vote for slack channel

Ok cool so vetereans draft first then rookie draft?