Dynasty startup 1.01 chase or jt

Hey everyone, just getting some extra opinions. I was able to trade up and get the 1.01 pick in a 12 team 1 qb ppr dynasty startup league. I was considering going after chase, but wasn’t sure if it’s foolish to get him over Johnathan Taylor. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts. Thanks for the help

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Between those two for me it is Chase and it’s not close for dynasty that isn’t a Super Flex league. I value the long term of WR in start ups. RB IMHO is a win now play and without knowing how your draft will shake out, I’d bet on the WR.

I am in take JT camp.

While WRs have the longer career, elite RBs are a godsend, espeically since most teams are going to a 2-back system. JT is the MAN in Indy and no one is going to syphon work from him.

Chase is amazing and is going to be top 5 WR, he still is going to have to contend with Higgins, who is just as talented (imho) as Chase and Mixon will still be around for a few years as well.

I, personally, would take JT as the 1.01 over Chase due to more guaranteed volume.

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I like how chase is super young and had a phenomenal season. I also like the idea of drafting borrow and being set for many years to come. Just afraid of Higgins taking away opportunity from chase. Also out of all the mocks I’ve done and watched, everyone has taken jt, and feel like I’m making the wrong move, but I’m leaning towards chase regardless.

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You brought up a lot of good points and mentioned a lot of my fears of drafting chase over jt. Thanks for the food for thought. Today I was leaning towards chase, but this is beginning to make me double think my decision. Thanks.

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I do not disagree with that. To be clear I think that there is nothing wrong with JT so I’m not trying to put down anyone of that mindset. He is a super strong talent and there is something nice about a strong RB.

I would caution about certain on workload for players. IND had marginal QB play and no one really outside Pittman. A better QB and a more robust WR room and it could change JTs usage. Your thoughts on Chase are fair, but between the two players we’ve seen Chase do it his first year in the NFL with all those pieces already on his team. We’ve no idea what will be changing in IND. Anyone can interpret it how they want as there is no certainty until it’s already happened. These are just some devil’s advocate thoughts :wink:

I’ve found it to matter more have the strong RB if the rest of my team is set to win. Sadly in a start up I don’t know how my team is going to end up. That’s why I go WR. I like that it gives me more time and flexibility and doesn’t have a stud RB withering while the rest of my team isn’t quite set to win.

For me it’s more about roster construction than talent. Sometimes the draft doesn’t go as I’d like. So I’m probably colored more from personal experience? However the good news is there is very little chance I’m feeling “bummed” about the start of my draft if I’m kicking off my roster with JT / Chase / Jefferson. I’d love any of them on roster!

I’m not sure there is a wrong choice which is great. There just different drafting thoughts. Anyone who’s RB heavy will say JT but someone Zero RB will say Chase. It’s not that one is right or wrong, they’re just different approaches. While I have my thoughts, I’d just say when the draft day comes click the name that feels right. Whomever that might be.

I would suggest mock like mad and try different approaches to builds. You’ll see what roster feels best to you. Know you won’t likely get that exact roster but you can build that style. Stay be open to the board and pivot towards values that fall. That’s what mocking will best help with.

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