Dynasty Startup 10 team PPR $25-50 buy-in

Looking to start a new dynasty league, I already have one of my friends that just left a keeper league that had rule changes happening that kept favoring certain teams. We are looking for 8 more to start this bad boy up. I am wanting do this on a free site like Fleaflicker, but if others want to increase the buy-in for an MFL league I wouldn’t be against that.

I’m definitely interested. I’d been looking to do an empire style dynasty league this year. I’ve got 2 or 3 other guys who should be down, too.

Looking into an Empire league that sounds like a good alternative. Waiting to hear from more people since we have about half as of right now.


I love dynasty, and really like the idea of it having a built in ending

Also, I’ve been wantingto check out doing a league on sleeperbot

I’d be interested

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I’ve opened one up on sleeperbot. Here’s the link

I’m sending it to a couple of guys I know too. Maybe we can get it together, and draft preseason week 3. Maybe we all just found our new core league.

I’m interested in an empire dynasty league email is mikedolo7@gmail.com

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I would be interested if y’all still have some spots open. Email bgwilson322@yahoo.com

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Just click the link. I’ve got two more guys that aren’t signed up yet that should be joining tomorrow.

The format right now is half ppr, 2WR/2RB/2Flex. 15 bench spots, and FAAB waivers. I’m open to tweak anything though, I just had to set some stuff to make the League

I’m also up for not being commissioner if someone wants to do it. My main league folded, and I just really wanna be in something that’s gonna go awhile.

We’ve got 7 as of tonight. Anyone else want in?

I just joined, sorry I was sick out of my mind the last several days. I sent the link to my friend so he might be joining too.

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Using LeagueSafe? Slow draft? Still using Fleaflicker?

We went with Sleeperbot. Look for the link that ALowDownDirtyShane posted yesterday.

The League is full

Still got any spots open?