Dynasty Startup - 12 Man ACTIVE OWNERS ONLY (1 spot left)

Starting a 12 team dynasty league. Details are as follows:

Full point PPR
QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2flex (wr/rb/te)/DST, no kickers.
26 Roster spots total
5 round rookie draft each year
1 man ‘devy’ spot, filled by a current NCAA player. Details will be sent about this too.
League will be on MFL.
FAAB system.
We will use Slack for all communications.

The most important thing is that I want to have a league that has 12, very active, very communicative owners. Looking for owners who are very active with trades, trade discussion, and very responsive to the group chat on Slack. Responding and sending trade offers often is very important in dynasty, so I want to avoid players that will ‘ghost’ after the draft. Be okay with some trash talk as well!

The draft will be a “slow” draft, but with that being said I am hoping to have players who can move the draft along fairly quickly, and communicate well if there is going to be any sort of hold up. Draft pick trading will be encouraged, if not expected.

Please only send me a message if you are very open to this, and understand that owners that ghost or bail on the league somehow will be removed without the full dues sent back, this will be a whole league discussion. This league will be one that will remain in tact for years, without the annual turnover a lot of dynasty leagues have. Hoping to end up with a league full of friends, even if it’s only through football! This will be one of those “you guys take this way too seriously” kinda leagues.

Buy in at the beginning will be $100, it will cover $50 standard buy in, $25 down towards next year, and $25 towards a trophy and league fees (to pay for MFL). Every year after the first one will be $50.

Please send me a message with your email and a little bit about yourself and why we should pick you! The league uses Slack ALL THE TIME, so make sure you’re open to being around and available.



Hey man

I’m very interested in joining. I have played fantasy football for 6 years. I am the commissioner for one of my other leagues so understand the importance of active owners. Very intrigued about the NCAA player- love leagues that have uniqueness. Quick facts about me. Fave NFL Team: Da Bears Fave NFL Player–> Larry Fitz ( as he has won me multiple fantasy titles) Hopefully you still have free spots. If you do email me.

Hey man, I’m very interested as well. It’s so hard to find 12 guys that all stay engaged - always wanted to be in a league like you’re describing and would love more detail. If there are any spots please email me:



I am very interested! I am huge on fantasy football, and have been playing for about 4 years. I haven’t found a league that everyone is serious, and it just takes the fun out of it. I would love to play in a league that everyone is engaged every week.

Email is adams_nathan@hotmail.com