Dynasty Startup 12 Team Super Flex .5ppr (6pt QB)(experience required)

This is a FREE league for people that are like me: addicted to fantasy football but already have a couple of money leagues.

This league will be on Sleeper

This is a league for serious players only. If you are new to dynasty that is ok.

If you have never played fantasy before then please don’t even reply to the invite.

We want managers who are committed to managing their teams and being in communication with the rest of the league. The goal is for this to be a dynasty league that lasts forever.

Stop managing your team and you will get booted from the league. No GUFF!

1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Superflex, 21 Bench Spots

6pt QB, 100 yard rushing bonus, 100 yard receiving bonus, 1 extra game against the league median, 3rd round reversal.

All other settings are standard settings.

What platform is this on?

sleeper will host the league

I would be intrested to join. Play fantasy for 4 years now and got into Dynastie about half a year ago. Sleeper Name is DieMarco

Are you the Raiders fan?

Very interested! Been playing in ESPN leagues for 4 years, 1 Keeper and 1 redraft. This would be my first league on Sleeper, but I really want want dynasty league. Let me know if spots are still available.

Super interested! I’ve played redraft for years, and I’ve decided it’s time for dynasty. I have spent months researching dynasty strategy so I am ready to go. Sleeper ID - kmul1

Also interested have 3 years of dynasty experience but have been looking for a free league since I’ve capped my paid league budget. Sleeper ID is ColtsDynasty

ye Thats me

If you have any space I would love to join - sleeper revpod first year of dynasty but very active !

I am interested in joining. I have participated in redraft leagues for years and am looking for a dynasty league. Sleeper ID is nickellis13

I’ve never played Dynasty, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been playing reDraft and Keeper leagues for ~20 years and draft day is the most wonderful day of the year. scanale42 is my sleeper ID.

I’m interested. Any spots still available? Sleeper ID: SeeDubbs

Im very interested, been a fantasy player for 3 years, dynasty experience for the last 2. Sleeper ID: Milkman7

Would love to join if you still have room. In 5 redraft leagues, have a couple championships under my belt, but have always wanted to get into dynasty. Sleeper is PAKattack92.

I am interested if there is still an opening. I have played for 5 years, one championship, and currently commish a league I created.

I would like to join if you still have a spot. Meglabowl last year and about 6 years on Yahoo Fantasy, won my main league last year. Sleeper username is Mr_Unliiiimited