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Dynasty startup 2018 .5 ppr 25$ per year


Hey there footclan, i’m starting a 12 team dynasty league. Fell in love with dynasty last year and have a good amount of interest from friends in getting into it. Anyway, details of the league,

It will be hosted on Myfantasyleague(70$ annual fee)
We will have a GroupMe group, that is mandatory and should be used for communication between league mates.

The format will be .5 ppr, 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr, 3 flex, 1 te, no kicker, no defense.

roster size = 25

Buy in is 25$ a year, (50 due first year). Payout will slightly vary but is listed in the bylaws.

Let me know if you have any questions, if you are interested, leave your email here. Looking for people that want to commit to dynasty and make friends in the process.


Interested! mrgetwright@gmail.com


Two questions.

  1. Is a portion of the dues going towards paying for MFL?

  2. What is the waiver system?


Interested but I have the same questions as above.


Hey guys, yes a portion of the dues will be used to pay the MFL fee(around 70$ annually)

The waiver system is a 100$ faab budget that resets for the offseason(after the superbowl). During the offseason waivers are first come first serve and will process daily.


I have been in redraft leagues for 20 yrs, i have been wanting to join a dynasty league. I’m in my email is doncolley77@gmail.com


definitely interested, would like to see the bylaws and how the draft(s) will be handled rushagainst4@aol.com


Still need a handful of dedicated owners :slight_smile:


Oh me!
@ alxcolman@gmail.com


Need 2 owners!


definitely interested on this.



Interested. brownncsu@gmail.com


Interested if I’m not too late…



still looking? jhaggert1@gmail.com


Hey guys, we are looking for 1 more player to take the #11 draft position spot. Had the league full and had a member back out. Post email below if you’re interested! First come first serve invites!


still interested. brownncsu@gmail.com


Hall808@gmail.com I’ll take it if still available just don’t be upset when I win it all :muscle:t2::grimacing:


If you still need someone, let me know! jwyman4@yahoo.com


Looks like I’m too late here but I’m interested if room frees up or if someone else is getting a league going


I got a open spot in a Dynasty startup