Dynasty Startup 2022


I am starting a new dynasty league and hope to fill it with fellow footclan members. The league details are as follows:

  • Superflex
  • Tiered PPR (0.5ppr for RB, 1ppr for WR, 1.5ppr for TE)
  • Staring lineup: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2flex, 1superflex
  • 18 bench spots, 3IR, 4 taxi

The buy in for the league will be $25 with first two years paid up front. (Paid via leaguesafe). The startup draft will consist of veterans with kickers taken in place of rookie draft picks. (1st kicker taken gets 2022 rookie 1.01, 2nd gets 1.02 and so on). The startup draft will be a slow draft with an 8 hour clock. The rookie draft will take place after the NFL draft

Send me a DM on sleeper if you are interested in joining! @Zhetrick