DYNASTY STARTUP (2nd overall)

Hey guys!

I’m picking second overall in my dynasty startup league (PPR , SUPERFLEX 6pt per throwing TD).

Is it worth it to select Mahomes/Jackson second overall or stick to selecting one of the “big 3” at RB in round 1?


I’m in 3 Superflex PPR Startups this year, 2 of which already drafted. Mahomes has been the 1.01 in both leagues and have already confirmed he will go 1.01 in my last one coming up this weekend as well. It’s not too crazy, but CMC at 1.02 is also solid. If Mahomes slips somehow to the 1.02, he’s going to be a staple with how good and young he is for your Dynasty, especially in a 6pt per passing TD

Awesome, thanks! That all makes total sense!
Rumour is that Barkley is going 1.01, so I’m leaning going Mahomes 1.02.

Yeah, most definetly, if Barkley goes 1.01, and Mahomes goes to you at 1.02, can’t imagine the spot the 1.03 would face between CMC and Jackson then, and then the 1.04 where Barkley has been going normally from what I’ve seen in startups, getting whomever is left between those 2.