Dynasty Startup - 32 teams. Cash prizes, Tiered divisions, Free first year Filled - taking reserves in case backouts

Sleeper - https://sleeper.app/i/k0bgNeWBExxk

Tiered divisions - similar to European soccer leagues - will take volunteers that want the challenge of starting in a lower division.

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Can I get a little more information on the league? Roster construction, how the divisions work, etc. Me and 2 buddies of mine may be interested!

Sure thing. Rosters are SF, RB, WR, WR, TE - with 5 bench and an IR. Possible taxi spots starting year 2. Essentially the initial draft and every rookie draft in years to come will be completed by an entire division before the next one even starts. So 80 players will be gone before Division 2s first pick… and so on and so forth. Meaning Division 4 teams will have to get creative and every point, or tenth of a point could make the smallest difference.

Division selection will be volunteer at first for the lowest, and if it fills then the second lowest - however I dont expect it to fill so at that point it will be a random draw.

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I’m so in. @greidam on Sleeper