Dynasty startup - .5 ppr - 5 spots remaining - ACTIVE OWNERS ONLY

Starting a 12 team dynasty league. Details are as follows:

Half PPR
QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2flex (wr/rb/te)/DST, no kickers.
24 Roster spots total
5 round rookie draft each year
League will be on MFL.
FAAB system.
We will use Slack for all communications.

The most important thing is that I want to have a league that has 12, very active, very communicative owners. Looking for owners who are very active with trades, trade discussion, and very responsive to the group chat on Slack. Responding and sending trade offers often is very important in dynasty, so I want to avoid players that will ‘ghost’ after the draft. Be okay with some trash talk as well!

The draft will be a “slow” draft, but with that being said I am hoping to have players who can move the draft along fairly quickly, and communicate well if there is going to be any sort of hold up. Draft pick trading will be encouraged, if not expected.

Please only send me a message if you are very open to this, and understand that owners that ghost or bail on the league somehow will be removed without the full dues sent back, this will be a whole league discussion. This league will be one that will remain in tact for years, without the annual turnover a lot of dynasty leagues have. Hoping to end up with a league full of friends, even if it’s only through football! This will be one of those “you guys take this way too seriously” kinda leagues.

Buy in at the beginning will be $100, it will cover $50 standard buy in, $25 down towards next year, and $25 towards a trophy and league fees (to pay for MFL). Every year after the first one will be $50.

Please send me a message with your email and a little bit about yourself and why we should pick you! The league uses Slack ALL THE TIME, so make sure you’re open to being around and available. I want borderline obsessive fantasy players, makes it way more fun.


Hey man. This league sounds like EXACTLY what I am looking for. I live in Westchester, NY just outside the city. Been playing fantasy for about 5 years now, my home league has always been so-so, half the people active the other half not paying attention at all. Very annoying. Would love to be part of a league that demands activity and have always wanted to get into Dynasty. My email is trevorjhmackie@gmail.com . Also just wanted to make sure draft format was snake not auction? Thanks.

@tjhmackie Correct! Snake draft. Added you to the email list. Make sure you do some reading up on dynasty formats to make sure you’re good to go! Email coming by EOD or potentially tomorrow depending on when the league fills.

Hey Man. I’m definately interested in joining a league like this. I already use Slack and MFL, so all set up there!
I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 12 years, mostly redraft. I’m in another dynasty league currently, but it is really dynasty-lite, as there are only 20 man rosters with 15 keepers with owners who aren’t open to trading or being very active. Therefore, I’m looking to join a ‘real’ dynasty league, just like this one!
I live in NC and am married with 2 kids (daughter 16, son 12) and work as a middle manager, so in many ways, I’m the ‘Father’ character from any sitcom series from the 80s! LOL.
Hope this works out - my email is dmanley45@outlook.com

@dave_manley absolutely love it man! You might have grabbed our last spot depending on everything. Just added you to the email list, and you are #12. Sending out an email now.


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Woo hoo! - Thanks Robert!

I would like in on this if you have a spot. nwarren4423@gmail.com

Hey man,

I’ve been in a 14 team .5 ppr league for the last 8 years or so. I’ve always really enjoyed the league, but there’s not nearly enough trading/action as I would like. The league rules haven’t changed since I joined so I’m looking for a change of scenery. It looks like the league may already be full, but I figured I’d comment anyway because this appears to be the kind of league I’m looking for. My email is tverry@udel.edu

Extremely interested! Looks like this league is full but I gotta put my name on the list just in case because this is exactly what I’m looking for.

Email is pacnwffpc@gmail.com


Hey Robert! Just joined the footclan today in hopes to find a start up dynasty just like this one! I just quit out of my last dynasty league because nobody talked or traded!! I’m a very active fantasy player and would love to join this league if a spot is still available. tymalfa@gmail.com


Hey @Frostyfeet ,

I’ve been itching to get into this league as well. Looks like @trevor_verry wants a league just like this too. Maybe even @nwarren4423.

I was in the exact same situation as you in my last dynasty league (on FFPC). I sold it just because no one traded or communicated. It was very stale.

Last I heard this league was full but there is a waitlist/sub-list. I’m hoping someone starts a similar league (non-empire/jackpot) that we can jump all over.

I’ll let you know if I find one!


Hey boys, I’ll get another one started here shortly. I added all of you to a spreadsheet and I’ll send out an email.


hey whats this a new league… if you need ill join then i can beat you in two leagues now lol…

if you’ve got an open spot - cverb86@gmail.com

@chris_miller these were the subs for our original league. Don’t be greedy! Kidding, I can add you if we need another (trying to diversify)

@robert_michael are there any spots remaining? thanks for setting this up. joemcalister24@gmail.com

Hey Robert,

Just to clarify, are you starting a second league with the waiting list? I received an email earlier today for a league on FleaFlicker but I remember the original post said it would be on MFL. Was this you?



@trevor_verry Nope, that one wasn’t me…

Hey Robert!

Anymore spots in your second league with the waiting list folks? I’d definitely be interested in joining! My e-mail is kari@12ozcurlsports.com.


I’d like to join. Email me at jacobmayner@gmail.com