Dynasty Startup- 6 spots left. LET’S DRAFT!

12 Team, $50 buy in, Sleeper/Leaguesafe
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR

13 Bench
2 IR

.5 PPR, 6 pt Passing TD, 1 PPR TE

$100 FAAB Budget

No divisions

Extra game each week vs. the league Median
3rd Round Reversal on Start-up Draft
4 Rd Rook Draft to follow

Will vote on 4-8 hour slow draft, to start as soon as all league owners have joined

Derby style veteran draft order- Names are randomized. Once the randomizer has run, the first pick gets to choose his draft slot. 2nd pick can select from all draft slots that remain and so on.

Reverse order rookie snake draft to follow immediately. All subsequent rookie drafts will be linear (with the exception of if there is no 2020 NFL season, in which case the 2021 rookie draft will reverse the 2020 rookie draft and be a snake draft again)

I am interested stackingchipz on sleeper

Let’s go! Sleeper- AEiN50

I am interested, dedicated footclan member and active player! @peachfarese on sleeper

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I’m interested, my sleeper name is :otis76

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Sent you both an invite for the last spot. First one to accept gets it

Did your league fill up?

Im down if you have a spot!

lol never mind

still spots open? If so Sleeper: bmg3275