Dynasty Startup Adams vs Hopkins

I know Hopkins is ranked above Adams just about everywhere but I find myself wanting to draft Adams over Hopkins when the big 5 rbs are off the board. Something about having Rodgers’ top target for the next 4+ years (hopefully) is too good to pass up. Is it crazy to take Adams over Hop?

Definitely don’t think it is crazy to go Adams over Hopkins. Hopkins is actually the older player by about 6 months, I just think he typically goes higher more often because he’s consistently been that top WR the last few years and has an up and coming young QB throwing him the ball. Rogers is only 35 so I’m sure he has at least 5 years left in him barring any major injuries.
Personally, I don’t think you could go wrong with either for this year and trying to predict past this year can be very difficult considering everything that can happen throughout the course of a season. This player will be on your team for quite a while though so definitely go with the player you like better.

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everything he said. i know quite a few people who have adams ranked at the top. so youre not alone, just like he said… the consistency and knowing that even if watson does go down, hopkins will be fine. he had a carousel of suck throwing to him for years. was always a top 5 guy.

There really isn’t much separation between the two. Adam’s finally broke out the past couple of seasons, where Hopkins has been on-top for several years now, regardless of who is throwing him the ball.

From a consistency view point, I’d go with Hopkins. With a health Fuller and keke, it opens it up for him, where it might be tougher for Adams since we don’t really know what he has for a supporting cast.

Definitely crazy!!! NUK da bomb put up numbers no matter who throws to him as for Adams yea Rodgers is good but getting old and fragile. NUK da bomb all the way!!!

What about that Osweiler year with Hopkins? I think Watson is great and will probably have an awesome year but he has gotten hurt both of his years in the league so far and is much more likely to get hurt being a mobile QB.
You could also make the same argument for Adams when Hundley was throwing him the ball and yes Rodgers is getting a little more fragile but look at him last year. He was hurt all year and had one of his worst years yet but Adams was still an elite option, you could make the argument Adams will only get better if the offense bounces back to where they normally finish.

there is a big, and i mean BIG difference in hopkins consistency with bad QB play compared to adams. his down year with osweiler would have been one of adams best years not including TDs. not a knock on adams at all BTW, just saying thats not the argument to go with when it comes to compairing these 2. Hopkins was a god with trash throwing to him, adams is just now coming into his own with one of the bests of all time throwing to him.

I wasnt trying to argue Hopkin’s consistency, I 100% agree he is the more consistent player and the numbers definitely show that. I was just saying that he isnt 100% immune to bad QB play but I dont think any WR is. Personally I would go with Hopkins over Adams because i do believe he is the better WR but I would be happy with either in Dynasty. Moving forward I think Adams will finish with a stat line much closer to what he had last year now that he is Rodgers #1 target which wasnt really the case in 2014-2017. Hopkins has always been by far the top WR for his team.

ohhh i thought you meant because of one year that you couldnt say he was consistent and with adams one year with hundley you could see his floor or something like that.

but one side note, dont forget that hopkins wasnt the 1 his first 2 years with them. Andre Johnson was. hopkins was so good that he basically pushed him out. that and a bit of age. i mean he was 32, not young for football but not old like frank gore still runnin at 36 old.

either way its agreed, they are both damn good options to take number 1 as WR.

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