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Dynasty Startup- Advice Wanted


Alright, so I have my first PPR Dynasty draft next week and I am psyched. I’ve got the 1.1 and trying to decide who to take. I’ve seen OBJ as the (relative) consensus 1, but I’m curious if any of you all have a case for someone else (Zeke, DaJo come to mind).


Never take a RB with the 1.01. Your goal in a startup should be to get a nice core of young stud WR’s that you can build your team around. RB’s have much shorter careers and are injured much more often. If you build your WR’s early, you increase your chances of remaining competitive from year to year. That being said, I’d personally take OBJ and not think twice about it. Some people think Mike Evans is a better pick because he has a more stable QB situation. I still think OBJ is the better pick. Eli has never been the greatest QB, and most of OBJ’s damage comes after the catch. He’s the best in the league at turning a 5yd slant into a TD. 1300+yds and 10+ TD’s in each of his first 3 seasons, and still only 24? He’s going to be a force for the next 10 years. Take OBJ and thank yourself later.


i dont really agree. yes, RBs careers are short lived compared to WRs. problem is you still need them, and they are still the most scarce position in football. with the 1.01 im taking the youngest and most talented guy, who is in as good of a situation as he can be in. to me, thats a close call between Evans, and Zeke. both young, with stable healthy situations. both have talent out the ass. if i have the 1.01 i want my locked and loaded player. the cant miss. (well, as much of a cant miss as possible) now i have no issues with OBJ, or David Johnson. but i want bang and longevity. i take Zeke 1.01. lets say a 10 year career. which is vary possible. thats 10 years of STUD at a position that is hard to replace. mike evans could easily go 15 more years. problem is, i can find someone one HELL of a lot easier to replace him, than i can that young, shorter lived stud. oh and in case you say why not DJ, a 4 year difference. if zeke was 25 like DJ i would take evans hands down. a loss of 4 years is too huge.


@Dahmus @BusterD Both positions have valid points, but for me I lean to the WR. The tipping point for me is that RB is an easier transition from college to the pros than that of WR. It seems every year there are a few rookie RB’s making a splash whereas WR’s that make an impact immediately are more scarce. Predictability also plays into it as well. WR’s are more consistent with longer careers than that of their counter-parts.

So for me it comes down to OBJ or Evans. OBJ is a greater talent in my eyes and would probably be my selection. The only thing giving me pause in that situation is QB play. What happens after Eli? Whereas Evans is growing with his young, promising QB in Winston.


its like the ballers preach, they are just here to help you make your own decicions. its why this is a great game, complete freedom to do what ever the hell you want! lol. so if you dont agree, no skin off of me my man.

now if its only between the 2, OBJ and Evans its still evans for me. obviously cause i just said so haha. no ill expand on it so i can possibly help you make your choice. ill admit that odells stats the last three year are better. but so was the team odell is on. the Bucs are just now getting good, and look to stay good for the next 5 years easy. while the giants are on the downward. and just last year evans out played odell. not by a lot, but he still did. 5 less receptions, for 40 less yards, but 2 more TDs. so if i have a choice between the guy who was in an ok situation and is now going up to a great one, and the guy who was in a great situation, going to an ok one… im takin the guy on the up swing. either way though, you will be completely fine. i say dont over think it and go with your gut. top flight receiver either way.


I probably approach a startup dynasty draft in a different way that most. I treat it like I would a redraft league because the goal is to win a championship. If I were you I would take David Johnson who is a young talented player at a scarce position. You can deal with weaknesses through trades, free agency, and rookie drafts. This is just my opinion but I feel that the more info that you have the better decisions you can make so I hope this helps.