Dynasty Startup Advice

Hi all, - a Brit from across the pond here - , with another Startup dynasty topic. Any help would be appreciated!

I have been running a standard redraft league with my pals for a few seasons now but we want to branch out into dynasty.

Coming from standard roots we want to keep it that way and are thus avoiding any PPR-ness.

Our lineup is a 9 man composition looking like this;


I just wanted to know how you much more knowledgeable people would view that starting composition.

Also with the 2 TE as a necessity I am assuming that TE values go way up…

How would you view TE stock in a 2TE league?

Like I said any replies or advice would be great and much appreciated as were drafting after the real NFL draft.

Good day chaps.

How many teams are you expecting in this dynasty league? And how many total players on each roster? This typically affects the starting lineup construction.

Assuming 12 team, yes I think that startling lineup construction is pretty typical. TE values goes way up and will inflate where they are drafted in a startup. I would highly recommend running your startup after the NFL draft so that you will know landing spots for guys like Dallas Goedert, Mark Andrews, Mike Gesicki. Could be the difference between them going in round 6/7 in your startup compared to round 14/15 in another.

I actually disagree the value of the TE goes up. Considering there are really only 3-4 elite guys at that position, you can still stream lesser known guys throughout the season. Unless your goal is to snag both Gronk and Kelce by reaching on the turn in early rounds, you are going to severely hurt yourself at the other positions. Best case scenario a top 5 TE still only scores around as much as a low end WR2. Besides, I would rather trade for a TE if I truly needed one using my stacked bench of talented WRs and RBs that I drafted.

The value of TEs wouldn’t change all that much for me for two reasons

  1. The two flex spots keeps the scarcity ratio at least close to the same

  2. pretty much everyone is going to be starting some sketchy tight ends. The top of the position is ok, it is a long shallow slope down after 3-4 guys.

In dynasty, your not likely going to be able to stream the position (roster size depending).

If you have to start 2 TE each week, I would expect each team to roster 3-4. As you know there aren’t 3-4 good TEs for each 12 team league, therefore position scarcity should increase the demand for TE.

There are more good WR to fill 2WR and 2Flex starting lineup spots then there are good TE to fill 2TE spots.

Thats the point though. There aren’t even enough to go around once. After the first few, there isn’t all that much difference, so everyone is going to be rolling out weaker TEs weekly, unless they go in on two studs early, which would be foolish.

@mackyy I think the end result of your question and the ultimate startup draft you conduct is that there are people who will value TE more and others will value them the same. A good drafter will react to either situation.

Here are a couple resources I found that speak to 2TE or TE Premium leagues.