Dynasty Startup - beginners

Hey fellow ballers!

My friend and I have always wanted to be in a dynasty league but never knew where to go so we decided to start one ourselves!

We are hoping to find 9 more managers who have never done a dynasty league and want to jump into a dynasty league!

We will be using sleeper as a platform and we are doing a $100 entry fee. Once the league is full we can decide on payouts.

Format: 1/2PR
1 Qb
2 RB
2 WR
3 Flex
1 TE
8 Bench

We will decide on a draft date and time once the league is full. Let me know if anyone wants to join by leaving your sleeper tag below.


Hey there! I’ve been doing Dynasty for about 2 years, and have started a few of the leagues myself. I’m always looking for new groups. Name on Sleeper is SirHuthALot.

Hey there,
my name is Tim and i´m from Germany.
I would be very interested in joining your league, however I dont have the money for that buy-in. Is there any way around that if you dont mind me asking?