Dynasty Startup Bench and D?

Starting a dynasty league, how many should we have on the bench, should we have a DST?

I am in the same boat, not sure if a D is needed. I think we will use a D and no Kicker. 15 Bench spots and 10 Roster including a SuperFlex.

No D/ST…. just doesn’t make sense in a dynasty. Not against keeping kickers, as those players tend to last for years if they are good.

What is the end game with your team size /bench depth. I feel like most dynasty leagues range between 25-33 players total on a team.

Also, how active of a league do you want? The more players on teams the less viable people there are on waivers to pick. That can create a more active league with trades, if that’s what your league is like. There are always a couple people that just never trade.

In my league, 12 team - .5ppr - 1QB, we added four bench spots after each of the first two seasons until we all voted on stopping at 16 on bench…. 1 IR. In other words, 1st season 8 bench, second season 12, third season 16. Rookie draft is four rounds for us.

Probably more than you asked for, but hope it helps.