Dynasty Startup Draft Clock?

Hey Foot Clan!

I’m having trouble deciding on how to run my startup draft for a 10-team .5ppr dynasty league. If I do a 1-minute draft clock (which is what I do for the redraft league I run), the draft will last over 4 hours which is no good for me or anyone else in the league. The highest time I can do is an 8 hour draft clock which will last way too long.

What have you guys done in the past for dynasty startup draft clock times?

Also, I have it set as a 28 man roster currently. Is that a good roster size? (no IDP)


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What we did for ours was just run it with no clock, and allow everyone to take their time. Draft took about 11 days, but ultimately everyone got to draft teams they were satisfied with.

Wasn’t ideal and not what I would’ve done, but it was effective. Ideally, though – I’d do the draft in 10-round sessions, with 5 minutes a pick. Either do it on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night… Or any days you all can be on. Most important thing is just that nobody is skipped. It’s a dynasty, so you want as few reasons for someone to be inactive as possible.

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If you don’t want it to last that long “LIVE” then do a open email draft. Full group gets emails when someone makes their pick.


We just finished a 40 rd draft using a 6 hr/pick email draft that paused from 11pm-7am… using fantrax. Took roughly 2 weeks to finish. it worked pretty well. the average time per pick was about 30 minutes so most people knew who they’re going to go with before their turn. we only had 2 people hit the 6 hr mark (though it was in the late rounds) and they auto drafted top ADP.

28 man roster is a good size. The dynasty I run has 25 man rosters with a 5 man taxi squad so it’s roughly the size of yours. If you can’t do a live draft then just set it to 8 hours. I doubt people will take that long to draft a player and if you start it early enough, it’s not like you’re under a time crunch. When we drafted our dynasty, we did it on MFL so I set a 2 hour time limit that ended overnight. But if I were you, just set it to 8 hours and it really won’t take that long.

Slow drafts are painstakingly awful. Plus if you are allowing for pick trading it takes even longer. I have found that if people are truly committed to the league, you will be able to lock down a time, even if it means some people will have to stay up pass their bed times a little bit.