Dynasty Startup Draft Strategy

A friend and I are starting a dynasty league this year and I’m doing some homework. We’re going PPR and 2 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr,1 te 1 or 2 flex, 1 or 2 at each IDP position and a ~20 bench. So when I look at articles regarding the startup draft, they almost all are saying go for a top WR off the bat which seems counter intuitive to me since the other types of leagues i have been apart of; the strongest person/people had multiple good to great RBs.

Can anyone explain this to me? What am I missing? Did you go with this strategy? How has it worked for you? Anyone go RB off the bat and how did that work?

Great question Daniel. For dynasty purposes, many people grab WRs (ODB, AB, Nuk) because of the shelf life. A good young WR has a 5-7 year window as opposed to many RBs that generally speaking are less than 4 years.

It just depends on draft spot in the dynasty draft. I jumped on a couple good young RBs last year in my start up (David Johnson (ouch) AND Todd Gurley) while waiting until 3rd round and got fortunate with DeAndre Hopkins as people were down on him after 2016.

You’re not crazy for liking RBs. But in a PPR, loading up on good young WRs that will be elite for the next 5+ years is a great asset to have

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In My Dynasty I have gone hard after RB gathering Gurley/Elliot/Fournette on route to my championship win this year :slight_smile: - However Kborgogoni is right WR do have a longer shelf life of high upside and play longer (RB usually drop off around 30 with WR playing well until 33ish). I do think top studs like Gurley/Elliot/Fournette/Bell/DJ can remain at the top longer then many other RB and for me my strategy has been get the stud RB and use volume WR (Had Keenan Allen/Crabtree/Fitz for my title run all ppr guys).

However the challenge for you is its a 2QB league, and usually in those QB’s do go in round 1 however I don’t know what this looks like for a Dynasty 2QB. I would formulate tiers, so if all the Tier 1 WR’s are gone for example but a Tier 1 Rb is there I would take them vs grabbing a Tier 2 WR.

Its a lot to think about, and probably needs a bit more research but I guess I would say for me I would rather have a later pick and take a few top RB as on a game to game basis they produce more then WR even if they have a longer shelf life (my trio of Gurley/Elliot/Fournette averaged 75pts per week guaranteed this year vs the Top WR’s who were more sporadic.

good luck

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thanks for the advice guys

Is it a 2QB or a super flex? If it is a mandatory 2 QB you will want to put a premium on QB because you will have to draft at least 4 to cover bye weeks and injuries. Youth is going to be key but you want to make sure they have established roles on their teams, go for leaders on the team not the second or third on the depth chart.
I usually find that you will want 1-2 QB in the first 4 rounds and then fill the rest with RB and WR. You really have to be aware of the flow of the draft, if it looks like there is going to be a run on QB don’t be left out, you would rather start the run then end it.
Another thing to think about is whether you are adding rookies into the startup draft or holding a separate draft for them and how the drafting order for each of the drafts will be handled. It will make a huge difference on your draft stratagy.

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We have been discussing a mandatory 2 QB system. The flex positions are going to be WR/RB/TE. Thanks for the tip.