Hey guys, I’m just getting into dynasty (first time ever) and I just got the veteran draft order (we’re doing a separate veteran and rookie draft). I have the 9th pick in the veteran draft, and I’m thinking about trying to trade some number of my rookie picks to get an early veteran 2nd rounder. I’d love any thoughts or suggestions you all have. Is there anything I’m missing in my thought process? Should I be trying to trade into the top 4 of the 1st round? Am I not valuing the rookie draft picks enough?
Thanks guys

Personally, I would not be trying to trade up. If anything trying to trade back - within reason. I prefer to hold onto first three round picks. That said you can move within a round to gain a later pick. Early round players are the cornerstone of your team.

As for 2019 rookie picks, if you can turn them into a round 2 or round 3 startup player - do it. However that could provide difficult depending on the level of experience from you league mates.

A 2019 first round rookie pick, to me, is not worth more than a fifth round startup pick.

I would not trade a 2020 first rounder if you have them.

I think it’s relatively new players like me, so if I could swing any combination of my rookie 2nd/3rd/4th for a get 2nd, you would do it?

Oh gawd, yes!

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Alright I got laughed at😂 as you expected, what do you think about this…

Give: 1st&2nd rookie and 6th rd Vet pick

Receive: 2nd round vet

What is the 2nd round pick your trying to trade for? 2.01, 2.12?

What pick is your rookie 1st round?

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I’m the 9th ovr, so I have 2.04

Rookie: 1.04&2.09

I’d like to trade as early as possible in the 2nd, but open to anywhere. Thoughts?

Just let me know :ok_hand: drafts coming up

I would offer the 2019 rookie 1.04, 2.09 and a startup 6th pick, as you described for a startup 2nd in return. You may have to bump up to a startup 5th through negotiation.

I would prob only do the 1st, 2nd, and startup 5th for the startup 2.01 - 2.04. After that, a 6th vet pick would be as high as I’d go.

I adjusted it a bit because I decided I’d like to keep my 1.04 rookie pick. I offered 2nd and 3rd rookie and 5th vet for 3rd vet. Thoughts?

I like it…If you can get that done.

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Its hit or miss, but I’m close. Thanks for your help man!

I traded my first for a second and third in my start up. Your not going to get much for future picks this early.

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