Dynasty Startup Draft - Trades allowed?

I’m in a startup draft where I am positioned 11th out of 12. It’s a snake draft for the vets. Some of the guys have been trading up in the rounds - for example, 8th rounder for a 9th rounder and 15th rounder.

Might just be me but is this right? Feels a little sneaky, surely you draft based on your position for the initial startup? Would love everyone’s thoughts on this?

Nothing wrong with that. Trades are what make startup drafts so much fun.

Nothing sneaky at all. Trades are a part of fantasy football, especially dynasty. Be prepared for a lot of draft spots to be traded.

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I get trades I’m part of several dynasty leagues but just never experienced trading on the initial startup draft

There can be a lot of strategy realted to trading within the startup. Do you trade up to get your guy? Do you trade back to get a depth pick?

My preferred strategy is to keep 3 picks in the first three rounds, feel free to move around within the rounds. Trade away picks from rounds 4-6 and attempt to acquire multiple picks from rounds 7-9.

Take a peak at dynasty startup ADP and find those rounds where you feel comfortable skipping and the rounds where you want to have multiple picks.