Dynasty Startup Draft?

After starting a new fantasy sports podcast called ‘Fantasy Breakdown with AReedz!!’ I decided to start up a new Dynasty League to be the official league of my podcast. With all this sports’less time on our hands me and a league member thought it wasn’t a bad idea to hold two drafts, separate Vet and Rookie drafts for the added fun. If we did go that route instead of the traditional startup, I’d set it up as follows. A full 20 round draft of vets followed by a 4 round rookie draft to later be cut down to 20+1taxi slot. Both draft orders would be randomized separately and both snaking. But some league members are worried about that being unfair in terms of the rookie draft even though it would be snaking because of difference in the 1.01 and 1.12. I also considered just reversing the Vet draft order for the Rookie draft. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? Stupid idea or fun and interesting and make the cry babies suck it up?

Any open spots?

Unfortunately we are full… but appreciate the interest.