Dynasty startup (FREE) - FULL

Superflex (1 QB/1 RB/ 1WR/ 1TE/4 flex/1 supeeflex), 16 bench, 5 IR. 0.5 PPR for RB, 1 PPR for WR and 1.5 PPR for TE. We just need that you’re committed! Any other information just ask.

It’s on Sleeper. Forgot to tell

Hey! I would like to join if there are still spots available, my username in sleeper is: christianleo7

Great! I’ll send the link there

Still got open spot?

Yes, want to get in? Send me your username that I send you the link on sleeper

Send me your sleeper username that I’ll send the link. First one to send enters

bjjoell67 on sleeper

Yes kylerob4

There’s one member who entered the league and hasn’t shown up since (all others have). If he doesn’t appear until tonight I’ll put you in, ok?

Any more spots?

No, it’s full. Sorry! Let you know if opens