Dynasty Startup - Free League

Hey we have 4 people looking to do a 10 or 12 team dynasty startup. We have all been in a keeper league for the last 5 years and want to try our hands and dynasty. Happy to have new dynasty players also. Please be chill and have a sense of humour. We like to do things right, but not take it all seriously, which is like most of the Foot Clan I’m sure.
3 of us live in New Zealand and one in UK so Draft will be a slow draft. Order will be random.
Scoring will be 1/2 point PPR. 20 - 25 bench depending on number of teams. no DST or K. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE Flex.

Email me at tripleb29@hotmail.com if your keen.

I’d be interested email me kmfeaster12@gmail.com

Intrigued. If there are still spots available my email is mirmod2002@yahoo

I’m interested email me at daledogg7@yahoo.com

grimesr1993@gmail.com i’m interested

This would be my first dynasty league but definitely interested. Email is khorn299@gmail.com

Hi Guys thanks for the interest. I have quite a few people now and will be in touch with everyone soon. If you do want to go on the waiting list, please let me know.

I am interested in playing if there is still a spot Calebpipping@gmail.com

If you still have a open spot i would love to play. hayden.bruck@yahoo.com

I’m interested as well. pmurphy@rocketmail.com