Dynasty Startup - Free to Start, Can add buy in if there is interest


I am trying to start a 12 team dynasty league, I will lay out specs in a minute.

My qualifications: I have been the commish of my home league (which is fiercely competitive and super active) for 5 seasons now, and I run my work league (which is actually 3 leagues). I even make a podcast for my home league. I love fantasy football. I want some of it year round.

The dynasty league:
12 active, trash talking, gritty, shifty, competitive owners
Thinking of using the Sleeper app?
0.5 PPR, 6 Point Passing TD
Continuous FAAB ($100 FAAB budget, $0 bids okay)
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FL, No D, No K
8 bench spots, 3 IR spots

The draft:
Starting draft: Snake draft. 8 hours per pick.
Rookie drafts: 3 rounds, Linear draft inverse order of finish

The playoffs:
6 teams, week 14, 15, championship week 16.


Hi Ryan. I’m definitely interested. I was in 3 redraft leagues this year, made it to the championship in 2 if them, winning one, and have been wanting to join a dynasty league. My email is grantfield1913@gmail.com.

i am extremely interested in this league. Downloaded Sleeper today and I­t­ seems amazing.


I am interested in this league. Played redraft for years and looking to get into my first dynasty league.

Super into it especially anyone who does podcasts about their leagues!


I would be interested in joining. My email is dannourse@gmail.com

If I could make a suggestion for the league settings, I would recommend a larger bench between 12-18 spots. I think with just 8 this dynasty league could be too similar to a redraft league. Thanks!


I’m interested as well. Started playing dynasty recently and it’s my preferred format now. My email diego.chahin@gmail.com. as someone else suggested you should consider adding at least 18 spots and maybe taxi squad. I’m the comish for my work league and helped our dynasty move from fleaflicker to sleeper. So if you have any questions let me know. If you want a guest for the podcast count me in as well.

Hi Ryan, I’m interested in joining. Regular league commish, but first time trying dynasty.

Hey Ryan, I would be interested in joining!

Played in 3 leagues this year, made the playoffs in one of them. Never done dynasty, but definitely want to get involved. Also I like the setup (no kickers!).


I’d be interested. Also, concur with the bench size comments made in the replies.


Very interested. Currently do a few redraft leagues and a keeper league but want to get into dynasty. Johnsonnd@icloud.com

If there is room, IrritatedTomcat@gmail.com for sleeper


Oh no, not another Dynasty with you cat! come on man! (snorlax here) . I already have to put up with you on two other leagues LoL

I’m not sure what to do with Diego’s comment, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say I’m interested! I’ve been playing re-draft for over 15 years and been on a 10 year hiatus from dynasty (with IDP) as my wife and I started a family… it’s time to get back into it (please)!!!


I’m interested, timothyblawat@yahoo.com

I’ll join if still looking for ppl to join glerma14@gmail.com

I’m interested if you still have spots. Been playing redraw for a few years and would like to get more involved in a dynasty league


I think I’m a bit late, but I’d love to join. Also would be in for a buy in as well


I’m interested if there are any remaining spots. Please DM or email.