Dynasty Startup: Future Pick compared to Current Pick

Het Footclan. My league is starting a dynasty after the draft and we have our league set up and draft order determined for the startup. As far as trades go, I was wondering at what round would you value a pick this year for someone’s first round pick next year in the rookie draft. I feel like the value you can vary so much depending on where in the rookie draft that pick ends up being. Thanks, hope everyone is enjoying the offseason.

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If you can, try to trade it so someone for like a 2 or 3 in the startup. I would even consider trading it for a 4. Depending on where you pick in the first, I also like to trade my first pick in the startup to get a 2nd and another higher pick in the 3-5 range.


Here is how I am reading your question: What 2020 rookie pick gets you a 2021 rookie first round. Assuming that is right, read on. If you are talking about Start Up draft picks for a future Rookie pick, @JarekF21 gives a great set of options. I would 100% do what he says and trade a Rookie 1st for a Start Up draft 2nd.

On to my interpretation of your question since it is not completely clear to me how you are referencing the picks.

If you are in a non-super flex league, you can trade the Rookie 1.10 and on for a future 1st + something extra. I doubt you get next year’s first for anything less than an early/mid 2nd. If you can, absolutely do that. But the leagues I play in no one is moving late 2nd and beyond for future 1sts.

The later your first, the less you will reasonably add on. As above, the 1.10 is probably fair to get a late same year 2nd, but probably a same year 3rd. If you are looking at next year, I like giving this year’s 1st for next year’s 1st and 2nd. Not many folks value next year’s 2nd and beyond. Any of those picks are always great add ons.

Hopefully between both of our responses you have some actionable thoughts. I hope they help!

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